Buying Twin Bracelets to Help Identify Your Identical Twins

We've written about how parents of twins tell the difference between them but wanted to dig a bit deeper with one of those methods - using a bracelet for telling them apart. 

This post looks at the best bracelets on the market for telling twins apart while also sharing some tips on what to look for when buying bracelets for your twins.

What to Look for When Buying a Bracelet to Identify your Identical Twins

Buying a bracelet to help identify your identical twins is a relatively straight forward process with there not too much to consider. With that said, we've put together a few tips on things to look for when buying a twin bracelet:


Like anything baby related, you can spend $10 or you can spend $100 dollars and sometimes you'll get what you pay for.  Generally from our experience, there's great value to be had around the $20-25 mark with relatively unknown brands off Etsy which we'll share later in the post. Twin bracelets more in the $100 mark, you'll be more paying for the brand which may not be important for you.


Most bracelets for twins are designed for newborns and will generally last for 6-9 months before needing something a bit bigger. By then though, you should have it down pat to which twin is which and not need a bracelet (hopefully!)

Name Tags

How will you identify which twin is which when they have the bracelets on? Will you go by colour or would you prefer to identify them with their actual name on the bracelet? We prefer bracelets for twins that have their names as it feels a bit more personal but you may just prefer to use different colours with the colour red being for Twin A while blue is for Twin B!

CottonCharmLove Light Blue Grey Twin Bracelet

The CottonCharmLove is a great bracelet for anyone looking for a cotton based bracelet. The bracelet itself comes with the option of just a simple bracelet or with personalisation like in the photo to the left. 

Comes in a range of sizes including:

  • Babies / XXS (3-4 inches)
  • Toddlers / XS (4-5 inches)
  • Young Children / S (5-6 inches)
  • Adults / M (6-7 inches)

Currently available on Etsy for $9 USD (at time of writing).

RustikHeart Twin Bracelet (Rose Gold and Silver)

Great option for anyone looking for something a bit more stylish while wishing to identify their twins by colour. If identifying by colour isn't your thing, you can also get the bracelet customised with names.

Comes in a range of colour options from Platinum Grey, Pale Rose Copper, Pink plus many many more! 

Currently available on Etsy for $39 USD (at time of writing).

MyGretaDE Sisters Bracelet

The MyGretaDE sisters bracelet comes with a range of different colour options to solid colours (like the aqua coloured one to the left) or more pattern based colours (like the pink/blue to the left). There's plenty of colour options and you're bound to find something that suits.

While from a sizing perspective, there's quite a few different sizing options to suit everyone.

Currently available on Etsy for $47 USD (at time of writing).

EllieJMaui Twin Bracelet

Another nice minimalist design is the sterling silver bracelet from EllieJMaui. A great design for anyone looking for something more sophisticated to a cotton based bracelet. 

In terms of sizing, the EllieJMaui comes in a range of sizes from new born to young child. 

Currently available on Etsy for $61 USD (at time of writing).

MyBabySweetPea Newborn Bracelet

As the name suggests, the MyBabySweetPea Newborn bracelet is designed for newborns while coming in the options of blue or pink. 

This is a great option for anyone looking for a cheap bracelet to help identify their twins apart. 

Currently available on Etsy for $12 USD (at time of writing).

ApplesnTreesShop Twin ID Anklet

Made from hemp, the ApplesnTreesShop Twin ID bracelet is a great option.

There's bound to be something for everyone with the bracelet coming in 32 different colour options!

While sizing ranges from premmies all the way to little children (around the 2.5 years of age mark).

Currently available on Etsy for $13 USD (at time of writing).

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