The Link Between Twins – Are Twins Telepathic?

Ever since having twins, you get asked a similar set of questions when you’re out in public whether it be:

“Are they identical?” 

“Do you have history of twins in the family?”

But one question that’s really captivated me was the question to whether we think twins have a special link between them that is telepathic? While there’s no denying that twins have a super special emotional bond between one another, we’ve always been on the fence to whether there also exists a telepathic bond too. We’ve created this blog post to explore this topic further and share our findings from the research we’ve undertaken.

What is a Telepathic Link?

According to Penn State College, a telepathic link is something where your twins would share the ability to read each other’s mind by being able to assess the thoughts or feelings that another twin is feeling without needing any signs.

Origins of Telepathic Links Between Twins

While we tend to think that the notion of twin telepathy was first invented in Alexandre Dumas novel ‘The Corsican Brothers’ written in 1844. The novel tells the story of conjoined brothers who are separated at birth but go on to share their thoughts and physical sensations between one another.  Perhaps the notion of telepathic twins all but came from a novel?

Telepathic Links Between Twins – Fact or Fiction?

So the question which has brought you here – Can twins have a telepathic link between one another? According to Dr Nancy L. Segal in her book ‘Twin Mythconceptions’, she goes on to state that there is no scientific evidence to suggest that twins have a telepathic link between one another. Similar studies have been undertaken by the ABC who have interviewed twins, a genetic epidemiologist, and a psychologist who were also unable to prove that any telepathic link exists between twins.

But what about when my twins complete each other’s questions you’re wondering? We think this simply boils down to the fact that they spend so much time with one another and develop very similar beliefs and values. While this similarity in thought process also reflects the similarity in genetics between twins where they can sometimes naturally gravitate to similar personality traits and interests.

These shared beliefs and values are similar to what we develop with our own husband or wife where I’m sure you’ve finished an answer for them in the past and been pretty close to what they were thinking. Once again, it’s similar to the bond a twin shares with their twin where you spend so much time with that person and begin to develop similar

Closing and Summary

So there you have it – there is no scientific link that twins are able to telepathically share thoughts between one another or feel each other’s pain. While there’s no denying that twins share an extraordinary bond between one another, we think that their ability to complete each other’s sentences or pre-empt what the other is feeling purely comes down to the fact they have spent so much time in their lives together which results in similar values, beliefs and experience. Similarly to that of what a long-time married couple would experience.

We hope this article has been useful and apologies if it’s been disappointing for anyone that was hoping that a telepathic link can exist between twins! Thanks for reading.

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