My Brest Friend Twin Pillow Review

We own two breast feeding pillows for twins and after using both for countless hours, we can confidently say that the My Brest Friend Twin Pillow is the best twin breast feeding pillow on the market.

Some of the reasons we love the My Best Friend Supportive Nursing Pillow  include:

  • Provides great support to both your arms, back and shoulders to ensure you don't walk away uncomfortable after breast feeding
  • Affordably priced at $149.49
  • Stops your babies from accidentally falling thanks to the firm pillows and bridges on the side of the pillow
  • ​​Easily adjustable to get the pillow snugly fit to your body.
  • Suits different feeding positions whether that be the football hold or simply on the lap

The My Brest Friend Twin Pillow is currently available on Amazon for $149.49.

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My Brest Friend Supportive Nursing Pillow for Twins

Pillow Design & Safety for your Babies

One thing we love about the My Brest Friend Pillow is the firmness and size of the pillows to fit your babies on. Our previous pillow, the MilkBar Twin Nursing Pillow, was far too soft and the pillow was far too narrow which created a risk that the babies could accidentally roll off. Luckily though, the My Brest Friend Twin Pillow is not like the MilkBar Twin Nursing Pillow and is both firm and wide enough to provide your babies with plenty of support as they are feeding.

Another plus with the design of the My Brest Friend Pillow is the little bump on the pillow which is also there to help avoid your babies from accidentally sliding off. 

It must be noted that the bump is more so designed for smaller babies in the early stages of breast feeding and is unable to support babies as they grow older and begin taking up the whole pillow surface.

Support for your Body

The My Brest Friend Twin Pillow comes with great back support to ensure you are always maintaining good posture whilst feeding your babies. Another plus for the pillow is also the side arm and shoulder rests which also help with your posture and avoid any soreness that can come from feeding.

Easily Adjustable

The pillow includes an adjustable strap which allows the pillow to work well for women of all sizes.

One of the particular good things about having a strap to tighten the pillow is that this allows you to make it tight and position it under your breasts without worrying that it will fall down.  

Other pillows in the market are known for falling down as do not have a tight strap to keep it securely strapped to your body.

Feeding Positions

In terms of feeding positions, the My Brest Friend Twin Pillow works great either using the football hold position or simply across your lap.


Once you start breast feeding twins, it can be incredibly difficult to reach around and get the TVremote control or your phone. We get it! Luckily the My Brest Friend Twin Pillow has been designed with a pocket on the pillow which allows you to simply store these and any other items so they are only ever an arm length away and not on the coffee table away from arms length!

Encountered Issues

Two issues we have experienced with the pillow is the need to have other lounge room pillows to provide a snug fit to the body. We find by having a pillow under each side of the Brest Friend Twin Pillow, this positions the pillow closer to the body and also elevates it. We found this provides a more closer fit to the body while also elevating the pillow to avoid getting any back strain from having to otherwise hunch over.

The second and minor issue is that the back support piece does not disconnect from the pillow. Sometimes putting the pillow on can be a hassle if you are just feeding one baby. It would be helpful if you could detach the back support piece from the pillow by unclipping it to make those times when you're feeding one more convenient. 


  • Firm pillows on either side ensure your baby is comfortable and won’t roll off
  • Back rests provides greater comfort and helps your posture
  • Arm and shoulder strap to reduce strain
  • Pocket to conveniently store your phone or television remote in
  • thumbs-up
    Easy to adjust
  • thumbs-up
    Affordable price
  • thumbs-up
    Includes washable cover


  • Sometimes extra pillows required to provide more comfortable fit against the body
  • Bit large to transport around
  • thumbs-down
    Back piece doesn’t come off
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Currently available on Amazon for $149.49.

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